The Chapman FM Flail Mower series are the ultimate tool for tackling overgrown fields & parkland. Boasting a powerful 21hp petrol Honda engine, the Chapman Flail Mower is the perfect tool for the removal of weeds, rushes & bracken; also ideal for cutting game trails. Heavy duty construction and Honda engines for a long working life providing you with peace of mind.

– Available in 1.2m (4′) and 1.5m (5′) cutting widths

– 21hp Honda GX630 V Twin w/ Electric start

– 5 gallon fuel tank for long use between re-fills

– Dynamically balanced, double-helix flail shafts for the finest cut

– Centrifugal clutch system meaning no manual engagement, rev & go

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The FM150 PRO ATV Flail Mower, part of the FM Series Flail Mowers range by Chapman Machinery Ltd are designed from the outset to tackle tough mowing tasks including mowing on rough, wet & boggy ground where a heavier mounted unit could become stuck. Built to be exceptionally tough, yet have a low ground pressure for easy towing, the FM Series Flail Mower can go where other machines cannot.We use industry-leading Fuel Injected 23hp Honda Fuel Injected iGX700 V-Twin Engines, which offer unparalleled power and performance in their class. All machines are fitted with a heavy duty rear roller to prevent scalping. The compact design of the FM120 self-powered flail topper keeps the mass low to the ground for stability, and allows cutting easily beneath trees and overhanging branches.

The FM PRO models are fitted with forged hammer flails as standard, proven to cope with the most demanding growth, with a cleaner, more reliable cut. The Honda iGX700 offers excellent fuel efficiency due to the electronic control system which continually monitors and adjusts the engines air to fuel ratio according to operating conditions and engine load, while maintaining optimal performance. This results in excellent fuel efficiency and low emissions – so good, that in product trials the fuel efficiency was typically 10-12% better than the previous model.

The FM150 ATV Flail, like all the mowers in the FM Series Flail Mower range are fitted as standard with a centrifugal clutch, allowing for safe & efficient operation from the towing machine. The centrifugal clutch gives automatic drive engagement and disengagement, and combined with the automatic tensioning assembly reduces maintenance by compensating for belt wear and belt loading. Heavy-duty ‘bx’ type drive belts last longer and are more efficient than smaller units used on competing machines.





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